NIKE vs SWOOSH Legal Case

In a David vs Goliath case a small Irish start up has come to the attention of NIKE.

Today Swoosh Supplied have received a letter from a solicitors firm acting on Nikes behalf stating that “Nike does not wish to put you out of business.

The letter states:

 “ Cease and hereafter desist from using in any and all means, including without limitation in advertising, on signage, online, on social media, and in any other marketing materials.

“Cease using the SWOOSH name”

“Immediately assign and transfer control of the domain name to Nike and cooperate with any formalities which the .ie domain registry requires”

“Permanently deactivate any and all social media accounts and other websites that use the term ‘swoosh’ or any other trade mark owned by Nike, including but not limited to the @swoosh.supplied Facebook and Instagram handles”


Images of solicitor letter from NIKE below:

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