SWOOSHED takes counterfeiting very seriously.

Being able to trust the source of your sneaker purchases is absolutely huge, especially when dropping copious amounts of cash.

At Swooshed we pride ourselves on selling ONLY 100% ORIGINAL items.  

Our educated team follow an in depth multi step verification procedure to ensure your confidence knowing every purchase is 100% verified authentic.

Swooshed only sells new and 100% authentic products. We do not sell, accept, or otherwise deal with fakes, “grey market” items, or factory variants. We guarantee the authenticity of every item we sell. Each of our products is authenticated in detail and with care to leave no doubt about its legitimacy.

However in the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that a consigner brings in a fake pair of sneakers and it bypasses our checks we will go to extreme lengths to ensure it wont happen again. If the product has been purchased by the buyer and the buyer believes the items maybe fake we will work closely with the buyer to resolve the matter, after all our reputation is on the line, we will do everything in our power to protect ourselves and the buyer. In other words if you are a consigner and you intentionally try to consign fake items we will use all our powers to ensure you wont succeed.


Trust is very important to us and is a foundation in which our business is built on. Its in our integrity to keep it that way and to do so we ensure that all sneakers and apparel thats in-store and online are 100% authentic. This is done through expertise, and multiple checks on the product, when it comes in and goes out. We are industry veterans who know the products inside and out.


We carefully inspect every shoe, to validate its authenticity, and to check for conditional/manufacturing issues to ensure all of our items are pristine. All products are checked multiple times against a cache of product images, live product, and information to ensure validity of all products coming in. Items are hand checked a second time on the way out.


Swooshed will review any claims about authenticity, so feel free to reach out. Customer service is one of our top priorities, so that you can feel secure when shopping with us. If you would like more photos or verification of any item being sold, please reach out to us.

For the purpose of clarification the ‘seller’ means the ‘consigner’.

If a buyer purchases an item and they believe it to be counterfeit you must contact us within 5 working days and we will commence an investigation into the item. The buyer shall cooperate with us in the investigation and final disposition of the item, including providing photographs and other relevant evidence. We will immediately contact the seller to resolve the matter.

If a seller provides a counterfeit item or attempts to defraud any buyer or Swooshed, Swooshed reserves the right to do any or all of the following, in its sole discretion: Remove any or all of seller’s(Consigners) listings from the swooshed.ie website and retail store, withhold any payments due to seller, ship the item back to the seller at the seller’s cost (including any customs and duties amounts incurred by Swooshed, provide the counterfeit items to the Garda or law enforcement or destroy the counterfeit items.

In the case of a possible counterfeit claim been made by the buyer, both the buyer and seller hereby agree to allow swoosh a reasonable timeframe or no shooter then 5 working days to investigate the matter before a refund or consignment payment is issued, funds will remain in our escrow account until the matter is resolved. In all cases the seller hereby agrees to reimburse all and any fees incurred by swooshed and the buyer.

The seller or consigner hereby agrees that each of the foregoing remedies are reasonable and justified upon Swooshed’s discovery of counterfeit items or fraudulent actions, even if those items or actions were not known by the Seller at the time to be counterfeit or fraudulent (e.g., negligent fraud). Seller understands and agrees that if we provide the counterfeit item to law enforcement, seller’s communications and any property claim with respect to that item must be solely with that law enforcement agency and not with us. We may also use fraud protection measures to monitor for fraud. We may also require additional identification information from you if you engage in certain high-value transactions or high overall payment volumes through Swooshed.