So, are you looking for the hub of all sneaker heads in Dublin? The literal epicentre of the sneaker industry in Ireland? The place where you can become the ultimate sneaker reseller.. You’re looking for the best sneaker consignment stores in Dublin, Ireland – the capital of sneaker city!

Swoosh sneaker consignment stores is one of the ways you could start reselling your sneakers.

How Does Swoosh Sneaker Consignment Work?
Sneaker consignment stores are places where you can sell sneakers from your sneaker collection.

  • You choose the sneakers that you want to sell.
  • Bring or send them to our store.
  • Your sneakers go through a legit check and get priced.
  • Once received, we process and verify your sneakers’ authenticity and price them accordingly. 
  • All consigners are provided with login detail to their personal consignment account where they can check stock and see what has sold and when payouts are ready.
  • We then list them on and depending on space in our retail store they will be physically displayed in-store.
  • When your sneakers sell, you can request a payout via bank transfer or visit our store to collect cash.
  • When they sell we keep a pre-agreed % of the sale price. The percentage of the sale price we keep can range from 20%-25%.


At Swoosh we have the most advanced consignment platform in ireland. Read more about this here.